The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a pivotal step for individuals looking to join the U.S. Army. This comprehensive test assesses a candidate’s skills and abilities, helping determine their suitability for various military roles. ASVAB scores come in multiple types:  a standard score for each of the subtests, an AFQT score and composite scores. This article will explain what all these scores mean and how the army ASVAB scores are calculated.

1. ASVAB Benefits

The ASVAB serves multiple purposes, benefiting both the military and the individual. For the military, it helps match recruits with roles that align with their skills, ensuring a more efficient and effective force. For individuals, the ASVAB provides valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, guiding them toward suitable career paths within the Army.

Army ASVAB Scores – A Comprehensive Guide

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2. Minimum ASVAB Score for the Army

To qualify for enlistment in the U.S. Army, candidates must meet specific ASVAB score requirements. The minimum ASVAB score for the Army is determined by the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or job a candidate is interested in pursuing. Each MOS has its own set of score requirements, ensuring that recruits possess the necessary skills for their chosen roles. Enlistment in the Army needs a minimum score of 31 on the ASVAB, with a maximum score of 99. 

3. Army Line Scores

After you take the ASVAB, the Army converts your results into ten computations known as “Army line scores.”  The Army uses the line scores to determine which Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), or Army jobs, you are eligible for. They are divided into the following categories: clerical; combat; electronics; field artillery; general maintenance; general technical; mechanical maintenance; operators and food; surveillance and communications; and skilled technical.


CL — Clerical: VE+AR+MK

CO — Combat: AR+CS+AS+MC

EL — Electronics: GS+AR+MK+EI

FA — Field artillery: AR+CS+MK+MC

GM — General maintenance: GS+AS+MK+EI

GT — General technical: VE+AR

MM — Mechanical maintenance: NO+AS+MC+EI

OF — Operators and food: VE+NO+AS+MC

SC — Surveillance and communications: VE+AR+AS+MC

ST — Skilled technical: GS+VE+MK+MC


See the table below for Army jobs and the corresponding minimum ASVAB line scores.

09C Trainee language AFQT 21-30, ECLT 40 – 74, AO:54
09L Interpreter/translator ECLT:50
09S U.S. Army commissioned officer candidate GT:110
09W Warrant officer candidate GT:110
11B Infantryman CO:87
11C Indirect fire infantryman CO:87
11X Infantry enlistment option CO:87
12B Combat engineer CO:87
12C Bridge crewmember CO:87
12D Driver GM:98 & GT:107 & ST:106
12K Plumber/Utilitiesman GM:88
12M Firefighter GM:88
12N Horizontal construction engineer GM:90
12P Prime power production specialist GT:110 & EL:107 & ST:107
12Q Transmission and distribution specialist EL:93
12R Interior electrician EL:93
12T Technical engineer specialist ST:101
12V Concrete and asphalt equipment operator GM:88
12W Carpentry and masonry specialist GM:88
12Y Geospatial engineer GT:100 & ST:100
13B Cannon crewmember FA:93
13D Field artillery tactical data systems specialist FA:93
13F Fire support specialist FA:96
13J Fire control specialist FA:93
13M High mobility artillery rocket system (HIMAR) OF:95
13P Multiple launch rocket system operations/fire direction specialist FA:96
13R Field artillery fire-finder radar operator SC:98
13S Field artillery surveyor ST:95
13T Field artillery surveyor/meteorological crewmember EL:93
13W Field artillery meteorological crewmember EL:95
13Z Field artillery senior sergeant N/A
14E Patriot fire control ENH oper/maint MM:104
14G Battle management system operator MM:99 & GT:98
14H Air defense enhanced early warning system operator MM:99 & GT:99
14P Air & missile defense (AMD) crewmember OF:95
14T PATRIOT launching station enhanced operator/maintainer OF:95
14Z Air defense artillery senior sergeant N/A
15B Aircraft powerplant repairer MM:104
15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer MM:104
15E Unmanned aircraft systems repairer (UAS SYS REP) EL:93 &MM:104
15F Aircraft electrician MM:104
15G Aircraft structural repairer MM:104
15H Aircraft pneudraulics repairer MM:104
15N Avionic mechanic EL:93
15P Aviation operations specialist ST:91
15Q Air traffic control operator ST:101
15R AH-64 attack helicopter repairer MM:99
15T UH-60 helicopter repairer MM:104
15U CH-47 helicopter repair MM:104
15W Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Operator SC:102
15Y AH-64D Armament / Electrical / Avionics Repairer MM:105 & EL:100
17C Cyber Operations Specialist GT:110 & ST112
18X Special Forces Recruit GT:110 & SC:100
19D Cavalry Scout CO:87
19K M1 Armor Crewman CO:87
25B Information Technology Specialist ST:95
25C Radio Operator EL:98 & SC:98
25D Cyber Network Defender GT:105 &ST:105
25L Cable System Installer/Main 89:EL & SC:89
25M Multimedia Illustrator ST:95 & EL:95
25N NODAL Network System Operator EL:102 & SC:105
25P Microwave System Operator/Maintainer EL:107
25Q Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator – Maintainer EL:98 & SC:98
25R Visual Information Equipment Operator – Maintainer EL:107
25S Satellite Commo System Operator/Maintainer EL:117
25U Signal Support System Specialist EL:93 & SC:92
25V Combat Documentation / Production Specialist ST:91 & EL:93
27D Paralegal specialist CL:105
31B Military police ST:91
31D Criminal investigation special agent ST:107 & GT:110
31E Interment/resettlement specialist ST:95
31K Military working dog handler ST:91
35F Intel analyst ST:101
35G Geospatial intelligence imagery analyst ST:101
35L Counterintelligence agent ST:101
35M Human intelligence collector DLAB:107
35N Signal intel analyst ST:112
35P Cryptologic linguist ST:91 & DLAB:107
35Q Cryptologic network warfare specialist ST:112 & ICLT:60
35S Signal collector/analyst ST:101
35T Military intelligence systems maintainer/integrator ST:112
36B Finance management technician CL:101
37F Psychological operations specialist GT:107
38B Civil affairs specialist GT:107
42A Human resource specialist GT:100 & CL:90
46Q Public affairs specialist/journalist GT:107
46R Broadcast journalist GT:107
51C Acquisition, logistics & technology contracting NCO GT:110
56M Religious affairs specialist CL:90
68A Biomedical equipment specialist EL:107
68B Orthopedic specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68C Practical nursing specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68D Operating room specialist ST:91
68E Dental specialist ST:91
68F Physical therapy specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68G Patient administration specialist CL:90
68H Optical laboratory specialist GM:98
68J Medical logistics specialist CL:90
68K Medical laboratory specialist ST:106
68L Occupational therapy specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68M Nutrition care specialist OF:95
68N Cardiovascular specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68P Radiologist specialist ST:106
68Q Pharmacy specialist ST:95
68R Veterinary food inspection specialist ST:95
68S Preventive medicine specialist ST:101
68T Animal care specialist ST:91
68U Ear, nose and throat specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68V Respiratory specialist ST:102
68W Combat medic specialist ST:101 & GT:107
68X Mental health specialist ST:101
68Y Eye specialist ST:101 & GT:107
74D Chemical operations specialist ST:100
88H Cargo specialist GM:88
88K Watercraft operator MM:99
88L Watercraft engineer MM:99
88M Motor transport operator OF:85
88N Transportation management coordinator CL:95
88P Locomotive rep MM:97
88T Railway section repairer (R) MM:87
88U Railway operations crewmember (R) MM:92
89A Ammunitions stock control ST:91
89B Ammunitions specialist ST:91
89D Explosive ordnance disposal specialist (EOD) GM:105
91A M1 Abrams tank system maintainer MM:88 & GT:85 or MM:99
91B Light-wheel vehicle mechanic MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92
91C Utilities equipment repair/heating & air GM:98 or GM:88 & GT:83
91D Power generation equipment repair GM:98 or GM:88 & GT:88
91E Allied trade specialist GM:88 & GT:95 or GM:98
91F Small arms/towed artillery repair GM:93 or GM:88 & GT:85
91G Fire control repair EL:93 & GM:88 or EL:98
91H Track vehicle mechanic MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92
91J Quartermaster & chemical equipment repair MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92
91L Construction equipment repair MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92
91M Bradley fighting vehicle system maintainer MM:88 & GT:92 or MM:99
91P Artillery mechanic MM:88 & GT:88 or MM:99
91S Stryker systems maintainer MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92
92A Automated logistical specialist CL:90
92F Petroleum laboratory specialist CL:86 & OF:85
92G Food service specialist OF:85
92L Petroleum laboratory specialist ST:91
92M Mortuary affairs specialist GM:90
92R Parachute rigger GM:90 & CO:90
92S Shower, laundry & clothing repair specialist GM:84
92W Water treatment specialist GM:88
92Y Unit supply specialist CL:90
94A Land combat electronic missile system repairer EL:102
94D Air traffic control equipment repair EL:102
94E Radio & communication security repair EL:102
94F Computer detection systems repair EL:102
94H Test, measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) maintenance sup spec EL:107
94M Radar repairer EL:107
94P MLRS repairer EL:93
94R Avionic & survivability equipment repairer EL:98
94S Patriot system repairer EL:107
94T Avenger system repair EL:98
94Y Integrated family of test equipment operator EL:107
96B Intelligence analyst ST:105
96D Imagery analyst ST:95
96H Common ground station operator SC:95 & ST:105
96R Ground surveillance systems operator EL:85 & SC:95
96U Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle operator SC:105
96Z Intelligence senior sergeant N/A
97B Counterintelligence agent ST:105
97E Human intelligence collector ST:95
97L Translator/interpreter (R) ST:95
97Z Counterintelligence/human intelligence senior sergeant N/A
98C Signals intelligence analyst ST:105
98G Cryptologic linguist ST:95
98H Communications locator/interceptor ST:95
98J Electronic intelligence interceptor/analyst ST:105
98K Signals collection/identification analyst ST:95
98XL Signals/foreign language enlistment option
98Z Signals intelligence senior sergeant N/A

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4. Where to Find My ASVAB Score in the Army

After taking the ASVAB, candidates can access their scores through the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program website. This online platform provides detailed score reports, including individual scores for each section of the test. Additionally, recruits can obtain their scores through their recruiter, who will guide them in understanding the significance of their scores and how they align with Army job requirements.

In conclusion, the Army ASVAB scores play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspiring soldiers. Understanding the minimum requirements, striving for good scores, and exploring available jobs based on ASVAB scores are essential steps for those looking to join the U.S. Army. The ASVAB not only serves as a gateway to enlistment but also provides valuable insights into individual strengths and aptitudes, helping align recruits with fulfilling and suitable career paths within the Army. Aspiring soldiers should approach the ASVAB with dedication, aiming not only to meet the minimum standards but to excel and maximize their potential for success in their military endeavors.