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Welcome to ASVAB Full Tests where you can experience the best ASVAB exam simulations encompassing 145 questions under the allotted time of 154 minutes. Let’s challenge yourself right now!

Why should you take the online ASVAB Full Test by ASVAB TEST PRO? If you are planning on taking the ASVAB, it is highly recommended that you should take our ASVAB Full Examinations owing to some rational reasons following:

1. Qualified questions based on the official ASVAB Test

Our full test bank is filled with up-to-date questions that are similar to what you might encounter on the real ASVAB. Our ASVAB full tests are always available for you to access anytime and anywhere without limiting attempts . We have gamified these questions on the test carefully so all you need to do is to take them seriously just like sitting for the real test.

2. Extremely Detailed Explanation

ASVAB Test Pro is one of a few number free platforms providing detailed explanations after you have already submitted your answers. You could comprehend the roots of the problems and pass the actual ASVAB Test on the first try.

3. Exam-like experience When sitting for our exam

simulations, you are required to accomplish 145 questions within 154 minutes like the actual ones.

It could be a helpful experience for your ASVAB preparation which helps you build more confidence when you go to take the real test as well as be familiar with the CAT-ASVAB test-taking process and time constraint.

4. Custom Tests

You can freely create your own ASVAB test based on your preference and purpose. Just click on the button “Customize Test”!

5. Easy and friendly User Interface

Our ASVAB Full Tests give you the feeling of enthusiasm and concentration while testing. Thus, our UI is designed to help test-takers use it easily. Let's get started testing right away!

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