The ASVAB or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam is used to assess a candidate’s qualification for U.S. military enlistment. To pass the Word Knowledge section of the ASVAB exam, you need to take into account the test format and what’s on the ASVAB Word Knowledge Test as well. Therefore, it is suggested that you should take the practice tests as much as possible to get well-prepared for the exam. Head over to our Free ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test right now to solidify your knowledge and enhance your total scores. After answering the question carefully, you can check your answer directly and see very detailed explanations below. 

By taking multiple practice tests, you can enhance your ASVAB score. Once you know about your strengths and weaknesses in the Word Knowledge section, you can save time for studying the subject field you already know because you only need to focus on your weaker points and make them better. Thereby, you can learn more efficiently, and earn a higher score on the ASVAB Word Knowledge test. Let’s study hard and get ready for the exam by taking our free ASVAB Word Knowledge Sample Questions straight away!


1. What’s On The ASVAB Word Knowledge Test?


The Word Knowledge subtest is made up of 16 scored questions which are required to finish within 8 minutes on the CAT-ASVAB Test. Meanwhile, the P&P version asks 35 questions in 11 minutes. Moreover, ASVAB Word Knowledge Questions are an important component of your AFQT score used to determine your enlistment eligibility. 

The ASVAB Word Knowledge section gauges your knowledge and understanding about the word meaning both in isolation and in context. This section will cover selecting the correct meaning of a word presented in context and identifying the best synonym for a given word. Start your exam prep now with our ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Questions.


2. Is the ASVAB Word Knowledge Test Hard?


how to pass asvab word knowledge
It is difficult to remember a specific word as the English language is so rich.

It will be hard for you to pass the ASVAB Word Knowledge Test if you don’t properly prepare for it. Hence, make sure that you are expert at English vocabulary before taking the actual exam. Once you have studied this subject and geared up for the exam, you will have no difficulty dealing with 16-question ASVAB Word Knowledge subtests. 

Some may find it difficult to remember a specific word as the English language is so rich. However, don’t worry about it! Taking our ASVAB word knowledge practice tests designed and simulated as the actual test will be regarded as one of the best solutions to solve your problem and help you adapt to the test format. 

Bear in mind that you not only prepare for the ASVAB test but also improve your communication ability in your career and personal life by boosting your language and vocabulary usage.


3. ASVAB Word Knowledge Sample Questions With Keys


In this paper, 10 samples of ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Question will be raised with full explanation. If you want to access more practice questions for other sections or take Full ASVAB Practice Tests, visit our homepage now!

Question 1: Quiescence most nearly means:

(A). continue

(B). promote

(C). Revive

(D) suspend

Correct answer: D


To “continue” is to keep on with an activity, to “revive” is to restore consciousness or life, and to “promote” is to further the progress of a cause, person, or event.


Question 2: Mr. Emerson rebuffed his coworker by refusing all offers of assistance. Rebuffed most nearly means:

(A). Alerted

(B). Collected

(C). Regretted

(D). Snubbed

Correct answer: D


The word rebuffed has nearly the same meaning as the word snubbed. They both mean rejected.

Question 3: She cleansed her face in the morning. The word Cleansed most nearly means: 

(A). dried

(B). examined

(C). touched

(D). washed

Correct answer: D


To cleanse something is to clean or wash it. Saying you cleansed your face or clothes is the same as saying you washed them.


Question 4: He modified his schedule so he could attend the staff lunch. The word Modified most nearly means: 

(A). changed

(B). checked

(C). considered

(D). shortened

Correct answer: A


Something that has been modified has been changed. Saying you modified your plans or saying that you changed them conveys the same meaning.


Question 5: He wandered around the mall. The word Wandered most nearly means: 

(A). looked

(B). roamed

(C). searched

(D). shopped

Correct answer: B


To wander is to roam. To say someone wandered around a mall is to say they roamed or walked around aimlessly, without a specific goal or destination in mind.


Question 6: The defenders of the citadel were unmatched in courage and tenacity. Tenacity most nearly means:

(A). doggedness

(B). Ferocity

(C). Flexibility

(D). timidity

Correct answer: A


It means the defenders will stick to the task with unrelenting focus. The word “doggedness” depends on the imagery of a dog holding onto a tug toy and being unwilling to let go. Another close meaning of the word might be “determination.”


Question 7: The defendant asked for clemency in his sentencing. Clemency most nearly means:

(A). gentleness

(B). humanity

(C). indulgence

(D). leniency

Correct answer: D


“Gentleness” is being kind and careful. To treat “humanity” is to be compassionate and benevolent. “Indulgence” is the act of being tolerant or treating oneself to a luxury.


Question 8: Before signing the purchase contract, the car buyer decided to scrutinize the payment term agreement. Scrutinize most nearly means:

(A). access

(B). comprehend

(C). confuse

(D). examine

Correct answer: D


To scrutinize something is to examine it closely. The word “confuse” can be ruled out by the process of elimination. “Confuse” doesn’t fit the context of the sentence. The salesperson may want to confuse the contract but not the “car buyer.”


Question 9: Restitution most nearly means:

(A). damage

(B). fine

(C). stipend

(D) take

Correct answer: C


When used as a noun, a “fine” is a sum of money extracted by penalty. “Damage” is either physical harm caused to something or a sum of money awarded as compensation for loss or injury. “Take” means something has been gained or acquired.


Question 10: The word most opposite in meaning to Foray is:

(A). Pattern

(B). Raid

(C). Retreat

(D). Species

Correct answer: C


The word foray is most opposite in meaning to the word retreat. Foray means a quick raid in order to seize something.

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4. ASVAB Word Knowledge Tips


how to study for the word knowledge asvab
Take time to study so as to achieve the highest ASVAB score!

Here are some useful tips you should take when sitting for the Word Knowledge subtest: 

  • You need to look at the sentence context for clues to a word’s meaning.
  • You should narrow down your choices
  • If there are 2 answer choices that are very close in meaning, neither one is probably correct.
  • If there are 2 answer choices that are opposite in meaning, one of them is probably correct.
  • You’d better look for words or phrases that can help you eliminate answer choices.

Don’t forget to use a dictionary to find the exact meanings of difficult words. Your ASVAB Word Knowledge Test might cover synonyms, antonyms, definitions, spelling, grammar usage, and word relationships. Take time to study so as to achieve the highest ASVAB score!


5. Free ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test by Estudyme


5.1.  Qualified questions based on the official ASVAB Test


Our Free Work Knowledge Practice Tests are filled with questions that are similar to what you might encounter on the actual ASVAB, which can help you measure your current word-knowledge skills. Bear in mind that hundreds of free ASVAB Practice Questions are always available. All you need to do is to practice round by round just like playing a game because we have gamified these questions

Keep in mind that you may take our practice test as many times as you want. Furthermore, the questions will be reordered after each time you try to provide you with а unique learning experience.


5.2. Extremely detailed explanation


asvab word knowledge practice test online
ASVAB word knowledge practice test online

ASVAB Test Pro is one of a few number platforms that provides you with detailed explanations after each question. You can read the best reason for the correct answer to understand the roots of the problems and solidify your knowledge. 


5.3. Demonstrate the real test-taking process


Taking this practice test will help you develop the knowledge you need to earn a high score. It will also help you get familiar with the CAT-ASVAB test-taking process so that you feel more confident and comfortable when you go to take the real test.


5.4. Easy and friendly UI to study


We always want our users to feel enthusiastic and focused during testing whenever they take our  ASVAB Practice Tests. As a result, our UI is created to make it simple for test-takers to use.

Let’s experience our ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test right now! Remember that you can download or install our mobile application available on Google Play and App Store to facilitate your study progress.