The Auto And Shop Information Test (AS) Test – one of the 9 subtests of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB – gauges your understanding of automotive systems and repairs, various shop tools and fasteners.

After carefully responding to the questions below, you can read our incredibly detailed explanations and check your answer. Your understanding will be sharpened thanks to our ASVAB Auto And Shop Information Sample Questions. Let’s get started right now to reach your goal of enlistment. You can study more effectively and perform better when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses on the ASVAB Auto And Shop Information Test section. Additionally, taking as many practice exams as you can is one of the best ways to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the test.


1. Overview of ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Test


Normally, there are two types of ASVAB Tests that you can take with your recruiters. More specifically, if you take the Computer Adapted Test (CAT – ASVAB), you are required to accomplish two distinct parts. The first automotive material part has 11 questions in 7 minutes and the second part includes  11 questions related to shop information within 6 minutes. Meanwhile, there are 25 questions that need to be completed in 11 minutes in the paper-and-pencil version. 

The ASVAB Auto and Shop Information question might cover automobile systems and functions, malfunctions and questions about common shop tools and fasteners and their uses.

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2. Tips for acing ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Practice Test


To get well-prepared for your actual test, it is suggested that you’d better take our ASVAB AS practice test. Here are some recommendations you should take to pass these practice questions. Let’s check it out!

ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Test
You’d better take our ASVAB AS practice test to get well-prepared for your actual test
  • Use your common sense to eliminate some of the possible wrong answers and then make your best guesswork with the left answers if you don’t have any applicable knowledge and experience. 
  • Read the problem thoroughly to understand what you are asked instead of rushing to answer the question immediately. 
  • Double-check your work if you have time to avoid simple and unexpected errors that lead you to the wrong answer. 


3. ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Sample Questions with Keys


Here are 10 practice questions that closely resemble the real ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Exam questions you might see. Visit our homepage right away to take additional practice AS questions.

Question 1: Flux is used in:

A. Arc-welding

B. Brazing

C. Gas welding

D. Soldering

Correct answer: D


Flux is a chemical material used in soldering which prevents oxides from forming on the surface of the original metal and helps solder flow freely into the joint and bond with the original metal.


Question 2: Screws and bolts are types of fasteners which can be easily taken out of the wood surface with little damage. What kind of screw has a square or hexagon-shaped head?

A. Bolt

B. Lag screw

C. Machine screw

D. Wood screw

Correct answer: B


Some screws have standard heads and lag screws have a square or hexagon-shaped one.


Question 3: A metric fastener has a designation of M10 x 1.75. The first value is the _____ and the second value is the _____ of the fastener.

A. Diameter, Pitch

B. Pitch, Diameter

C. Pitch, Thread count

Correct answer: A


The M designates this as a metric fastener. 10 is the diameter of the fastener and 1.75 is the pitch (the spacing between the threads).


Question 4: Which type of saw is best used for cutting small, often awkward features in building materials such as drywall?

A. Crosscut saw

B. Hacksaw

C. Keyhole saw

D. Rip saw

Correct answer: C


The keyhole saw has a long narrow blade and is often used to cut small openings in drywall and other building materials.


Question 5: Which of the following will NOT occur from setting a spark plug gap wider?

A. a smaller weaker spark

B. better combustion

C. bigger spark

D. potential misfire at high speeds

Correct answer: A


Setting a spark plug gap narrower can result in a smaller weaker spark. Setting it wider may result in a bigger spark, better combustion but a potential misfire.


Question 6: Making large (wider than 1/2″) holes in wood is called ____.

A. Boring

B. Drilling

C. Nailing

D. Screwing

Correct answer: A


Generally, making large (bigger than 1/2″ diameter) holes is done through a process called boring. This can be done using holesaws, rather than drill bits.


Question 7: What type of combustion system powers automobiles?

A. Complete

B. External

C. Incomplete

D. Internal

Correct answer: D


Automobiles are powered by internal combustion systems. This means that fuel is burned internally, inside a combustion chamber, and that fuel is used to power the parts of the engine.


Question 8: Breaker bars are used with:

A. Chisels

B. Screwdrivers

C. Sledges

D. Wrenches

Correct answer: D


Hand wrenches that are used to torque heavy bolts or bolts that are seized often have very long handles or attachable handles known as breaker bars.


Question 9: A machine that rotates a piece of wood or other material and shapes it is called a:

A. Band saw

B. Gouge

C. Lathe

D. Slip roll

Correct answer: C


A lathe is a machine that rotates a piece of material and shapes it. Lathes can be used to shape wood, metal, glass, and pottery.


Question 10: Which of these saws would be best for cutting through an iron bar?

A. Coping saw

B. Hacksaw

C. Miter saw

D. Rip saw

Correct answer: B


Hacksaws are used for cutting metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, and copper.


4. Free ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Practice Test by Estudyme 


With the help of our ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Practice Test, you may get accustomed to the CAT – ASVAB exam-taking version and increase both your readiness and confidence for the actual test. Remember that our ASVAB AS sample questions are updated frequently by knowledgeable professionals to guarantee that you can review the Auto and Shop Information parts with the greatest questions. You are free to attempt our practice exams as many times as you like, and each time you do, we’ll rearrange the questions to give you a new testing experience.

Visit our homepage and take more ASVAB AS Practice Tests to ensure that you are well-prepared for the ASVAB Auto and Shop Information section. Additionally, you can take our ton of questions divided into 9 subjects as many times as you like for free. We hope that our ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Study Guide will help you get ready when sitting for the actual test.