The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a special examination that serves for a purpose of recruiting military forces in the United States. More specifically, it not only measures the ability and knowledge of those who are in the process of enlisting into the armed services but also determines what occupational position they might best qualify for. You will flexibly take the test at one of 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) situated across the US. 

If you are aspiring to ace the your word knowledge test, don’t ignore this informative blog because you will have access to our effective ASVAB Word Knowledge Study Guide. Let’s get started.

The Word Knowledge is known as one of the ASVAB subtests, which measures your ability to select the correct meaning of a word in context and indicate the best synonym for a certain word under a time constraint. The test result also contributes to your admissibility of enlisting with the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, National Guard, and other services. Furthermore, Word Knowledge is regarded as one of the most important aspects to be taken because verbal deliberations and honing vocabulary skills are vital steps in leading or supporting a certain military operation. 


1. General Information on ASVAB Word Knowledge test 


1.1. How many questions are in the word knowledge ASVAB? 


Like other ASVAB subtest, the number of Word Knowledge Question will depend on the test delivery method you choose: 

  • On the CAT – ASVAB Version you will have 8 minutes to complete all 16 questions.
  • On the paper-and-pencil version, you will ask to finish 35 questions in 11 minutes. 


1.2 How Is The Word Knowledge Test Scored? 


Along with Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge,  the Word Knowledge Test will be added as part of your cumulative score for your AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Tests). Thus, the Word Knowledge is considered as one of the four most important tests in the ASVAB because you are required to achieve a certain score on this test in order to determine your  eligibility for military service. Therefore, you should devote adequate study time to preparing for this subtest.


1.3 What is covered in the ASVAB Word Knowledge Test? 


The ASVAB Word Knowledge section is designed to gauge your understanding of the word meaning and its synonym both in isolation and in a specific sentence. Many people may find it hard to learn the English Language. Don’t sweat it! Anything can be possible so you can also pass the hard section easily if you take our ASVAB Practice Tests  which are designed and simulated as the actual test to help you adapt to the test format. Let’s learn right now to improve your language and vocabulary usage. 


1.4. What types of questions in the ASVAB Word Knowledge Test? 


asvab word knowledge
Some types of ASVAB Word Knowledge questions 

Here are two primary types of questions you might encounter when taking this section: 

  • Definitions: These questions require you to choose the literal meaning of given words among 4 choices.  

Sample Question: Disparate most nearly means: 

(A). different

(B). dullness

(C). untrustworthy

(D). unspeakable

The correct answer is absolutely (A). 


  • Emphasized Word: The emphasized terms are put in a context to provide you with a clue in defining their meaning. 

Sample Question: She did not condone his insubordination

(A). condemn

(B). appreciate

(C). excuse

(D). report

The correct answer is definitely (C). 

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2. ASVAB Word Knowledge Study Guide 


The Word Knowledge Test is a vital part of the ASVAB so we propose some study guides to help you conquer it. Keep in mind that the subtest will benefit you in real life especially in communication and understanding other people better. 


2.1. Study common prefixes, suffixes and root principles.


Equip yourself with these concepts you might guess the word more accurately in case you do not know it. 

  • Prefix: A prefix is a word part which is added to the beginning of a word, which changes the word’s meaning. 


Prefixes Meaning Examples
anti- against antifan
de- opposite defrost
dis- not, opposite of discourage
en-/ em- cause to encode encode/ embrace
fore- before forecast
in-/ im- in infield
inter- between interact
mid- middle midway
mis- wrongly misfire
non- not nonsense
over- over overlook
pre- before prefix
re- again return
  • Suffix: Contrast to the affix, a suffix is a word part added to the end of a word 


Suffixes Meaning Examples
-able/ -ible capable of agreeable
-age act of break breakage
-al relating to function functional
-ance instance of an action performance
-ation action, process liberation
-en made from silken
-ful full of helpful
-ic relating to alcoholic
-ical possessing a quality of magical
-ion act of/ result of legislation
-ish resembling childish
-ness possessing a quality goodness
-man relating to human  gentleman
-let small one -booklet
  • Root: The common roots are words that are the primary origin of other words attached with either a prefix- (before a word) or -suffix (after a word).
Root word With a prefix added With a suffix added
normal abnormal normality, normalize
education co-education educational, educationally
legal illegal legalise, legality
mature immature maturity
behave misbehave behaviour, behaved
happy unhappy happier, happily


2.2 Test your current word-knowledge skills


To identify your strengths and weaknesses in this domain, we highly recommend you should take ASVAB Practice Test, which is filled with up-to-date question appearing on your actual test.


2.3. Read the newspaper


Reading newspapers can help you not only acquire more new words and phrases but also improve your grammar skill. Let’s do it on a regular basis!

military asvab word knowledge
Reading newspapers brings about many perks 


2.4. Do crossword puzzles and  Play vocabulary games


The use of puzzles and vocabulary games in learning language is considered as an effective approach because it helps to expand and enrich your vocabulary. 

Crossword Puzzle Sample


3. ASVAB Word Knowledge Tips


It is common that a number of people try to learn a list of new ASVAB words by rote, which means paying more attention to memorizing rather than understanding the words themselves (their meaning and contextual usages). After that they probably won’t remember these words after a few days because they don’t put them in use on a regular basis. Following all of these steps outlined below will help you avoid memorizing and comprehending and forgetting words you want to know for the ASVAB in a short time. 

  • Define the word meaning
  • List synonyms
  • Use it in multiple sentences  

To conclude, you will almost equip yourself with basic ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Tests and may get your desired result if you follow our study guide. Take our ASVAB Practice Test in order to ace the ASVAB.