What is the pressure of a water tank that measures 13 ft. square by 14 ft. deep?

5.2 psi


Pressure is equal to force per unit area or \(\frac{F}{A}\) . For water, \(F = w \times d\)where w is the weight of water and d its depth. Water weighs \(62.4\frac{{lb.}}{{ft{.^3}}}\) so:

\(w \times d=62.4 \frac{\mathrm{lb.}}{\mathrm{ft.}^{3}} \times 14 \mathrm{ft.}=873.6 \frac{\mathrm{lb} .}{\mathrm{ft.}^{2}}\)

The area (A) of the pool is \(13 \mathrm{ft} . \times 13 \mathrm{ft} .=169 \mathrm{ft} .^{2}\) so:
\(P=\frac{F}{A}=\frac{873.6 \frac{ib.}{f t^{2}}}{169 f t^{2}}=5.2 p s i\)

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