What is 282,000 in normalized scientific notation?

\(2.82 \times 10^{5}\)


Scientific notation is a way of writing large numbers as \(n \times {10^b}\) where b is an integer and n is any real number. Normalized scientific notation ammends this format by specifying that the variable b should be chosen so that the absolute value of the variable \(n \text { is } \geq 1 \text { and }<10\).

For example, in scientific notation \(11.1 \times {10^3}\) is a valid way of writing 11,100 but in normalized scientific notation 11,100 must be written as \( 11.1 \times {10^4}\) .

So, in this problem, 282,000 in normalized scientific notation is \(2.82 \times {10^5} \) .

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