Tucked away in Southeast Portland near the Sellwood Bridge is Oaks Amusement Park, one of the oldest continuously operated amusement parks in the United States. A modest operation, the park currently includes about two dozen rides that operate seasonally, a skating rink that is open year-round, and picnic grounds. The Oaks has been a part of the lives of many Portlanders and other Oregonians for nearly a hundred years, and many people hold fond memories of it.

From this passage, you can infer:

Many people would be saddened if Oaks Amusement Park closed down.


Because Oaks is one of the oldest parks in the United States and open year-round, the reader can infer losing this park would be sad for many residents who live in Oregon or who have memories associated with the park. The writer mentions the park is “tucked away” so it is not necessarily easy to find. There are lots of activities mentioned and there is no mention of how hard it is to maintain the park.

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