The “Voynich Manuscript” just might be the most unreadable book in the world. The 500-year-old relic was discovered in 1912 at a library in Rome and consists of 240 pages of illustrations and writing in a language not known to anyone. Deciphering the text has eluded even the best cryptographers, leading some to dismiss the book as an entertaining but lengthy hoax. But a statistical analysis of the writing shows that the manuscript does seem to follow the basic structure and laws of a working language.

From this passage, you can infer that the Voynich manuscript is believed to have originated around:



While the article does not specifically cite this date, it states that the document was found in 1912 and is approximately 500 years old. Therefore, subtracting 500 from the date 1912 gives you the year 1412. The other choices are incorrect.

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