Simplify the following expression:
\(50 x^{18} t^{6} w^{3} z^{20}\)
\(5 x^{5} t^{2} w^{2} z^{19}\)

\(10 x^{13} t^{4} \mathrm{w} z\)


To simplify this expression, it is necessary to follow the law of exponents that states:\(x^{n} / x^{m}=x^{n-m}\)
 First, the 50 can be divided by 5: 50/5 = 10
Then, it is simply a matter of using the law of exponents described above to simplify the expression:
\(10 x^{18-5} t^{6-2} w^{3-2} z^{20-19}=10 x^{13} t^{4} \mathrm{w} z\)

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