Simplify \(\sqrt{28}\)



To answer this question you need to find the largest number that, when squared, is a factor of 28.
4 is the largest square that will fit evenly into 2 so we can simplify this problem to
\(\sqrt {4 \times 7} = \sqrt 4 \times \sqrt 7 = 2\sqrt 7\)


If you have trouble finding the largest square for a question like this simply go through each answer and square the number outside the radical, multiply it by the number inside the radical, then compare the result to the radical in the question.

For this problem, when you come across \( 2\sqrt{7}\) you would square 2 to get 4 and \( 4 \times 7\) equals 28 which matches the number inside the radical in this question \(\sqrt{28} \text { indicating } 2\sqrt{7}\)is the correct answer.

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