Simple machines are devices that make our lives easier. They increase the magnitude or change the direction of a force. Using simple machines makes it easier to do many kinds of work. For example, when trying to get a refrigerator onto the back of a truck, a worker will use a ramp or inclined plane. Instead of lifting something heavy a short distance, we can more easily push it over a longer distance but to the same height. The term “inclined plane” can be used to describe an escalator, staircase, or slide.

In the passage, many shoppers use an “inclined plane” to get to the second level in a mall. They are most likely traveling by:



The article states that an inclined plane is like a ramp. An elevator is incorrect because it goes straight up and down and is not on an incline. Doors in upper parking lots give access but on a level plane. Tunnels are not inclined and they do not generally go up.

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