Robert Cullon, 80, has a neurological condition that makes his feet numb and forces him to rely on a walker. He thought he was driving just fine, but his six children were worried. Instead of handing over his keys, though, Mr. Cullon, who lives in Albany, decided to consult a driving rehabilitation specialist. She rode with him, observing how well he used his feet, how good his reflexes were, and how good his range of motion was in his shoulders and neck. Then she pronounced him fit to take the wheel.”

From this passage, the reader can infer that Mr. Cullon:

Cares about his children’s concerns and is an independent thinker.


The reader can infer that Mr. Cullon wanted to reassure his children, and himself, that he was still capable of driving. He took the initiative to test himself with a specialist, which implies independent thinking. There is not enough evidence in the passage to support the other options.

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