In the bustling streets of Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi is a one-thousand-year-old area known as the Old Quarter. The heart of the Old Quarter is made up of thirty-six streets, and is a living, breathing connection to Hanoi’s past.
The term “old,” in this case, is a bit of a misnomer. Few of the buildings in the Old Quarter are over one hundred years old. “Old” refers to the activities and commerce that take place in the buildings, rather than the buildings themselves. Originally, the thirty-six streets emerged around the palace of Emperor Ly Thai To as a group of workshop villages. The workshop villages evolved into guilds specializing in certain products, and skilled craftsmen were drawn into the Quarter to live and work in the same guilds. Over time, the streets in the Quarter became associated with the products which were sold there.

According to the passage, the streets in the Old Quarter came to be associated with which of the following?

The goods that were sold there


The passage clearly states that the streets in the Old Quarter came to be associated with the products that were sold there.

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