In New York State, where Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed one of the toughest gun law packages in the nation last January, two sheriffs have said publicly they would not enforce the laws—inaction that Mr. Cuomo said would set “a dangerous and frightening precedent.” The sheriffs’ refusal is unlikely to have much effect on the state: According to the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, since 2010 sheriffs have filed less than 2 percent of the two most common felony gun charges. The vast majority of charges are filed by the state or local police.

Based on this passage, you can conclude that:

Sheriffs are not going to be the primary group to file felony gun charges.


Based on the statement that the vast majority of the charges filed in the past have been by groups other than sheriffs, coupled with the admission by two sheriffs on the recent law, the reader can infer that sheriffs are not likely to be filing many charges. The other options are incorrect.

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