If four friends evenly split \(6 \frac{1}{2}\) pounds of candy, how many pounds of candy does each friend get?



First, we change \(6.5=6 \frac{1}{2}\) to a improper or proper fraction which becomes \(\frac{13}{2}\) which is improper always keep the denominator the same. Multiply that but the 4 friends by making that a fraction of \(\frac{1}{4}\). But we have to make sure both fractions have a common denominator making \(\frac{13}{2} = \frac{26}{4}\). Multiply \(26/4 \times 1/4 = 26/16\). we have to simplify that down more by dividing \(\frac{26}{16} \div 2= \frac{13}{8} \) . Divide \(8 \div13\) and that gives \(1 \frac{5}{8}\)

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