Getting Americans off the couch and onto their feet could save an estimated 200,000 lives a year, says the surgeon general. Yet most of us are either sedentary or only minimally active. Confusion may keep many couch potatoes from getting into shape. People still ask questions like: How often should I exercise? (The more, the better, but at least 30 minutes nearly every day.) Does it have to be 30 minutes straight? (No, shorter bouts are fine.) Do I need to go to the gym? (No, walking, dancing, lawn mowing, and gardening are fine, if they’re intense enough.) Still, in a world where infomercials, magazines, videos, and friends may give conflicting advice, misunderstanding abounds.

The author of this passage would agree that:

Americans may be more likely to exercise 30 minutes a day if they broke it up into several intervals.


The author mentions confusion, not boredom. The author explains going to a gym is not necessary. Americans are not only influenced by media outlets but also confused by it.

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