For the Egyptians, perfume was not only used to scent the body, it served a ritualistic purpose as well. Egyptians used perfumed resins, which they burned as offerings to their gods. In fact, this ritual gave us the word "perfume," which comes from the Latin per fumum—through smoke. Many temples included rooms that were designated for perfumers, where perfumes would be offered to the gods throughout the day. The Egyptians associated perfume with immortality. Hence, scented herbs, spices and resins were an integral part of the mummification process. Pharaohs were wrapped in strips of linen soaked in pine, frankincense, cedarwood and myrrh.

According to the passage, the word "perfume" meant which of the following?

through smoke


The passage clearly states that the word perfume comes from perfume which meant "through smoke."

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