During the months of June and July, Iceland has days with a full 24 hours of precious, beautiful sunlight. While you might think of a variety of things you could do with 24 hours of light in a day, a lot of people in Iceland look at it as a splendid time to catch up on their golf. And while golfers may not see much in the way of trees on a typical Icelandic golf course, they may have to deal with unique challenges—such as lava beds and the fury of angry birds that have had their nests disturbed.

From this passage, you can infer:

Not all life forms may be pleased about the 24 hours of sunlight.


The author implies this message by the concluding sentence on what the extra activity means for birds. While the article talks mainly about golfers, there are sure to be plenty of other folks who use the 24 hours of sunlight to do other activities outside.

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