A woman went to a sale with a coupon that gave her a twenty percent discount on certain items. She bought a sweater and a skirt that qualified for the discount. The regular price for both items would be \(\$160.00\) . What price did the woman pay for the clothing she bought?



Since the unit factor of \(\$160.00\) contains a decimal point, it is better to convert the 20 percent into a decimal figure, too. The 20 percent converted to a decimal number is written \(20 \times \$160.00\) or\( \$32.00\). She saves \(\$32.00\). However, the question asks what price the woman paid for the clothing after the discount is applied. Therefore, you must subtract \(\$32.00\) from 160.00. Choice "1" is the correct answer. \(\$160.00 - \$32.00 = \$128.00\) Total price paid.

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