A student buys an algebra textbook for 11.11USD, a philosophy textbook for 15.83USD, and a dictionary for \(\$10.31\). What is the total cost of the books?



To get this answer simply add up the costs of the textbooks. 11.11USD + 15.83USD + 10.31USD = 37.25USD.


A shortcut to quickly answering questions that involve adding decimals is to recognize that the right-most value in the answer (in this case 5) is found by summing the right-most values in the numbers you're adding. 1 + 3 + 1 = 5 which has a right-most value of 5 meaning that the answer will end in 5.
Knowing this trick you can eliminate all answers that don't end in 5 which will often leave you with only one or two possible answers for the question.

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