A man needed \( 2\frac{1}{2}\)gallons of driveway topping to weather seal \(\frac {1}{3}\) of his driveway. How many more gallons will he need to finish weather coating the driveway?

\(5 \text { gallons }\)


The reasoning to use here is that the man still needs to complete \(\frac {2}{3}\)of his driveway. Since it took him \(2\frac{1}{2}\)gallons of sealant to complete \(\frac {1}{3}\) of his driveway, the other \(\frac {2}{3}\) of it can be covered if he purchases an additional 2 times that amount. To determine the amount of sealant needed, multiply \( 2 \times 2\frac{1}{2}\) gallons. This means that five additional gallons of sealant needed.

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