Your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB scores are used to determine whether you are eligible for enlistment and what jobs you will qualify for the armed services. As a result, the ASVAB is one of the most important tests for those who are thinking of joining the military. Bear in mind that achieving a good score on key subjects is the factor that determines an applicant’s placement in a military specialty.

Thus, you should set aside at least 2 months to prepare for the test. Addition to having an effective and healthy studying routine with a quiet place to work, you had better equip yourself with the best ASVAB prep books. It’s a good idea to read up on our article to find the best book for ASVAB preparation. Let’s see Top 5 best-selling ASVAB Prep Guide. 


1. Why Do You Need A Good ASVAB Test Prep Book? 


You probably already know that the better your score you get, the higher the military job opportunities you qualify for, therefore, having the right curriculum might be a great first step towards your success in ASVAB Test. Some people can assume that buying books isn’t everything to contribute to their success, however, it’s good to take the right resources which guide you to walk on the right path of what you’ll encounter on the day of your exam.

Furthermore, based on the experience concluded from thousands of candidates, a combination of good curriculum, materials, and personalized lessons have helped them crush their ASVAB goals. 


2. What are the best ASVAB Prep Books? 


Actually, if you search “ASVAB Prep Books” on the Internet, you will receive plenty of relevant results. Furthermore, as you see there are many study guides available on the market to help individuals improve their ASVAB test results. However, each of them has different pros and cons and is designed specifically. Thus, in this paper, we introduce some highly recommended books for the ASVAB Test to you guys. Almost all of these books are available on Let’s see the best book suitable for yourself. 


2.1.  2022/2023 ASVAB For Dummies 


Up to the present, ASVAB For Dummies has been evaluated as the 1st ASVAB test prep book on the market. The 2022/2023 ASVAB For Dummies has been published as an updated and expanded annual edition with the purpose of unlocking your full potential. 

best book for asvab prep
The 2022/2023 ASVAB For Dummies.

With 2022/2023 ASVAB For Dummies, plenty of practice questions, hundreds of flashcards, 7 online practice tests, and many instructional videos are provided for test-takers to give them in-depth and comprehensive reviews of every subtest, strategy cheat sheets, proven study tips, and test-taking tactics. 

Besides, one of the best perks of this book you cannot dismiss is the “CHEAT SHEETS” which appear at the end of each subsection to provide an excellent overview of the topics as well as equations you need to master in your test. Additionally, you’ll also find a guide in detail on how the ASVAB is scored and what to expect when you’re in the test room on exam day. 

In short, 2022/2023 ASVAB for Dummies is one of the best overall prep books on our list of the top ASVAB preparation guides. This book possesses an amount of practice, which arouses ASVAB candidates’ interests and concerns. Meanwhile, as you know, practice makes perfect and is an effective way to improve your weaknesses and boost your per. Dummies provide you with easy-to-understand concepts and theories with in-depth reviews of all nine subject areas.


2.2. Barron’s ASVAB with CD-ROM, 11th Edition


Barron’s ASVAB with CD-ROM, 11th Edition is our 2nd overall prep book on our list of best guidebooks. This preparation book comprises 4 full-length sample exams, a diagnostic test to identify areas needing improvement, and guidance on analyzing test scores and on practice tests as well as how they relate to potential military occupational fields.

best asvab test prep book
Barron’s ASVAB with CD-ROM, 11th Edition.

This book provides readers with very detail-oriented and thorough theory reviews and explanations. More specifically, every concept explanation is followed by practice problems, which helps you a lot in checking and backtracking your weak points. In other words, you can practice and review at the same time so you can save a great amount of time. Thus, you might absorb everything that you need to know for the exam. Besides, another perk of this review guide is to allow you to learn from your mistakes 

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the lack of diagrams, illustrations, and flashcards which are very useful for doing a quick cram makes it sometimes difficult to go through the preparation guide. Although this book has many strengths, it also has many weaknesses so think carefully before buying it. 


2.3. Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus 2022–2023


best asvab prep course
Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus 2022–2023

Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus 2022–2023 provides you with proven strategies such as Specific strategies for mastering the Computer Adaptive Test format, 1000 realistic practice questions; 6 full-length practice tests accompanied by a detailed explanation for all sections of the ASVAB and AFQT, and Qbank for more online practice with every question type.

 Besides, it also includes flashcards, math video instruction, and a comprehensive subject review including targeted strategies for vocabulary questions & math problem solving and an extensive word list to help you build your vocabulary. Therefore, Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus seems to offer all the knowledge you need to excel at the ASVAB. 


2.4. Mometrix Test Preparation’s  ASVAB Study Guide 2022-2023 – ASVAB Test Prep Secrets


Mometrix Test Preparation’s ASVAB Study Guide 2022-2023- ASVAB Test Prep Secrets is considered one of the ideal prep solutions for anyone who wants to succeed in their Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. hundreds of thousands of people pass standardized tests and achieve their education and career goals. 

asvab prep book pdf
Mometrix Test Preparation’s ASVAB Study Guide 2022-2023- ASVAB Test Prep Secrets.

More specifically, this study guide encompasses practice test questions with detailed answer explanations, step-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts, tips & strategies to help you get your best test performance, and a complete review of all ASVAB test sections. 

Additionally, the Mometrix guide is designed with the essential and crucial information you will need in order to do well on your ASVAB exam such as the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the United States Military Entrance Processing Command expects you to master. 

Keep in mind that many concepts contain links to online review videos where you can access to watch our instructors explain the topics so as to grasp the material quickly. Besides, examples are worked step-by-step so you can see exactly what to do.


2.5. CliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan –  Cliffsnotes Cram Plan


If you have a short time to study for the ASVAB test, about 2 months, 1 month, or even just a week left before the actual test, CliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan is regarded as one of the best study guidebooks that help you ace the exam and make the most of the time you have left. To be honest, we don’t encourage you to take cramming as the best way to perfect your knowledge and ability on any test. However, if you are short on time for any reason, the guide from CliffsNotes will help you a lot. 

asvab test prep book
CliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan – Cliffsnotes Cram Plan.

First and foremost, the guide will ask you to determine exactly how much time you have left to prepare for the exam. After that, you’ll turn to the two-month, one-month, or one-week cram plan for week-by-week and day-by-day schedules to focus your study according to your unique timeline.

More specifically, each stand-alone day-by-day plan consists of a diagnostic test that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses so as to concentrate on the topics in which you need the most help; subject reviews-covering everything you can expect on the actual exam such as Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics knowledge, etc.; one full-length practice test formatted and simulated like an actual AFQT exam to give you an authentic mock test day experience. 

In short, this paper suggests some best ASVAB prep books that you can buy to facilitate your studying. Hopefully, depending on your preferences and demand, you can choose the books suitable for you based on our recommendation. Additionally, if you want to access online resources for ASVAB, Estudyme is glad to be here to introduce our ASVAB website and mobile app which not only includes full-length online ASVAB Practice Tests, Mock tests, ASVAB Study Guides, and so on but also possess friendly and eye-catching UI. Let’s check it out!